Spooder is slang of "spider" usually making it cuter. More common in memes than people saying it.
"Omg this spooder meme is adorable!"
by Laura the lazy February 6, 2018
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Cute exclamation or way of saying hello to any tiny, little, soooo not threatening, sprinting little spidery guy.

First used watching my ex play League of Legends... one of the characters jumps around screen in this jumpy little spidery manner causing me each time to excitedly squeal “spooder! spooder! spooder! spooder!”

Best announced in a quick, low voice whilst doing a little jig
*watches someone playing League of Legends when such character appears and alerts the player of the spoofers presence
Spooder, spooder, spooder, spooder!!”

Also can be used when disturbing a spider IRL to happily say hello while he’s on his merry way
by zombitini September 20, 2020
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1. An affectionate and endearing word for a spider, especially Jumping Spiders and Peacock Spiders, which have cartoonishly large eyes fuzzy bodies and short legs.

2. A word for a spider from an extremely heavy accents.

3. (From 1.) A cute or sexually appeling monster-girl with spider-like qualities or lower body.
1. Tiny Spooder! Don't squish it!

2. Tha-ere's a spooder. 'Sa black widder. Don' le'm bitecha.

3. TFW no spooder GF to tie me up and fuck me until I'm a dried out husk...
by oron61 July 19, 2022
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A spider that has aids. The common case of Spooder is when you feed a random spider chocolate and it will non-stop have severe seizures on the wall and possibly your face.
Bryce: "MAM! Spooders on the wall again!!!" Mom: " Did you give him chocolate again?!"
by mama4loca June 24, 2016
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a different form of saying spider
Axel: "Whoa check out that spider! It's huge!"
Jay: "excuse me, I think you mean spooder"
by ChronoKatt November 2, 2014
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(V)- the act of relieving oneself onto another person or object.
Hey Ron Tom did you just spooder all over the tree?
by RTpacker September 26, 2013
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A way that someone says "spider" if they have a country accent this is very common in those people

Little boy from England: Oh my goodness Is that a SPIDER!?
Country boy: no it is a spooder apparently it is a Recluse Spooder highly deadly but also makes great companions to its trustworthy human friends. country boy picks spider up and pets it lightly
The common spooder is a famous insect that usually causes fear in ones eyes.
by FITE ME #yesIAmOnAmino January 2, 2017
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