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The act of gobbing in your hand and rubbing it on the pus. Usually as lubrication to aid penile transit into the vag, however may also be done simply for bant.
Many recipients of 'the shine' are unimpressed and it should only be used in exceptional circumstances.
'She was a bit dry last night when I went to go in, had to give her some of the old spit and shine didn't I!'
by Alex Kellett January 18, 2018
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The act of spitting into both palms of your hands, grabbing your partner's genitals (male/female), and jerking/rubbing them in a furious yet delightful pattern. Can often be associated with heavy gagging.
Male 1: Hey man, how was it last night with your girl, did you score?
Male 2: Not much, man, she gave me a wicked spit and shine though!
Male 1: Spit and Shine, whats that?
Male 2: *spits*, *spits*, *proceeds to make disgusting and repulsive deepthroating sounds*
by Cypress Hillbilly April 28, 2013
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