There is no one definition to the word spicy, if something is truly spicy, you will just know in the moment and then you can call said THING or said PERSON spicy:)
Sam Spicerton is so damn spicy when he plays piano man on the harmonica and the piano at the same time
by SPICYYYYYYYYYY February 21, 2017
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1. more than hot; filled with a variety of characteristics pertaining to the qualities of a person
2. to be filled with spice
3. something Jordan is and Nick will never be
Jordan is spicy; Nick is not.
by jbaileyp March 27, 2008
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When someone is angry at someone and exagerates their messages and is irritated.
Ophe ur so spicy I’m not lying
by The reference king July 12, 2019
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Another word for cheeky usually said after some quality bants.
Malcolm you're such a slut

Everyone else: ooh shit that's spicy
by Whata scrub November 22, 2015
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Word to describe the hottest person in the whole world ever.
Wow look at Ronnie, he is especially spicy today.
by KoolPersonYo September 9, 2013
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