1. The best damn moderator anyone EVUH did see.

2. A person of excessive sexiness when in the field of combat.
That Spender, why, he's such a great mod that he just makes me want to touch myself!
A highly egocentric male, who's personal delusions of grandeur are often hallmarked by shameless self-promotion and the penchant for homoerotic reading material. Know a spender by the way it bats it's girlish eyelashes and it's long winded rants that extol personal achievements.
That guy Brad is such a spender.
by n1cho June 11, 2007
1. One who uses excessive amounts of currency.
2. Remote computer infiltration specialists who are in the trade for profit. Such a person isn't described as a hacker in respect to the hacker's code of ethics, which states that a one shall not use their knowledge for personal gain. Term derived from Front Mission 3.
1. My wife's such a big spender that she's going to put us in the poor house.
2. I hired a spender to get me working passwords for over a hundred porno websites.
by Eidako May 17, 2003
an over-the-hill broken-down wheezy alcoholic on the egg radio forum who enjoys hitting on young women and then insulting them because they refuse his advances. See also "impotent asshole"
You outspendered yourself last week after chugging that jug of moonshine and then hitting on a 12 year old girl.
by shinigami senpai July 27, 2008
Spoiled kids who think it's ok to spend money freely until their budget runs out.
You need to learn to save up for emergencies Dennis, you're such a Free Spender! now you can't afford to replace your iPhone charger
by Dennybug September 16, 2015
Somebody who has a good job, with a good income. But wastes all their money on crap. Then crys about not having money and ask everyone for money.
"Ohh, can i please have some money?? I got none"

"You are a sad spender."
by TheGladiators. October 19, 2009
The most attractive kind of guy. Women are, on a primal level, looking for a provider. A man who can throw around some green catches our attention. Also, gifts like jewelery and nice dinners lets us know he really cares.
The minute you walked in the joint I could tell you were a man of distinction - a real Big Spender. Good looking, so refined...
by Liza April 3, 2005