When you accidently say the wrong word, mispronounce a word, or call your girlfriend by a different name than her own.
"Hey helen.... I mean Susan, uh oh!"
"Oh Helen it feels so good... , oh shit ahh my nuts! I mean Susan... honestly! HEY HEY"
by Ric March 28, 2004
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That was grabuolus. I meant to say great but change my mind and tried to say fabulous. Or looking at the carrots I say pass the beans by mistake. Woops sorry about the speako.
by Flee not flea October 11, 2010
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Words coming out wrong like a typo.
Tommy "I didn't mean that; it was a speako.
by Sha Shay February 21, 2016
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When you are speaking to your phone and it transcribes the wrong word. It's a problem with voice transcription or speech-to-text apps.
"Hi Mom, how did you fuck last night?"
"Oh shit that was a speako, I said 'sleep'!"
by __apf__ January 14, 2018
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When you use speech to text that doesn't quite get it right, causing you to send incorrect words in a text or email or posting.
The following speakos were created when I first attempted to create the above definition: When you use speech to test that doesn't quite get it right comma causing for to send incorrect words in a test or email posting period
by Ivegotthemusicinme September 27, 2019
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A speako is kind of like a typo: you say the wrong thing by accident.
Kate: Brandon snapped my gender bracelet!
Lizzy: Don't you mean sex bracelet?
Kate: Oops, speako.
by Rebecca Lyall April 16, 2005
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when you make a typo while speaking
oopsie made a speako, i meant wingardium leviosa, not wingardium laviosa
by chai patti September 28, 2021
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