A unknown person you have never seen before, often almost appearing to have "spawned" into existence. A spawner has no defining traits, and often are completely forgettable. Spawners behave in a very similar fashion to video game NPCs, in that they appear out of thin air and rarely possess a personality that isn't surface-level.
Person A: Who is that guy? Never seen him before.
Person B: I have no idea. He's a total spawner.
by The Real Pain November 11, 2019
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A in-game player who kills the NPC or other player right when they respawn.
Dude, stop spawning, Spawner
by Camiex January 26, 2009
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A terrible smelling vagina.

See, in the cycle of a fish's life, spawning is done right near the very end. The fish swim up the river and they lay their eggs and then they die and wash up on the banks of the river.

That smell is what we're talking about.
That chick has a vag like a spawner!
by JM Styles September 29, 2008
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Someone who answers a direct question with three stupid, usually unrelated, questions. The “spawning questions” are designed to be just a little more obtuse or urgent than your original direct question.

What is most annoying, is that the Question Spawner actually believes that he/she has answered your original question.

A Question Spawner is able to magnify the confusion of any given situation exponentially -- especially in large group settings.
You..."Joe, when will you be done with the project?"

Question Spawner
"Do you know when Bill is going to be back from vacation?"

"Have you heard whether we are going to release the product into China?"

"Do you know what the advertising budget for this project?"

You again...."Joe, when will you be done with the project?"
by reddlynx99 April 20, 2011
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Used by assholes who have no real skill in the game of Clash Royale. Makes use of cheap card that deploy as many troops as possible. They do not win towers but make games last until the end so they win by damage. People like this usually smell like shit and can be found scraping gamer gunk out of their varied orifices. They also will brag about all the money they’ve spent on various mobile games.
Get a load of this asshole. He is such a pussy that he’s using a Spawner Deck.
by The Scarlet L June 27, 2021
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When one appears to have a dick that is made of fermented cheeses
Stefano: look at him over there, wanking his cheese spawner
by bbbeana June 3, 2022
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