A state in which someone is simultaneously spastic and cosmic. This would involve jerky movements with an underlying fluid motion.
That chick looked totally spasmic at the prodigy concert.

That dude's pop and lock was crazy spasmic.
by Suslex April 10, 2011
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word my drunk dad invented trying to describe to his wife how his food tasted when he got home wasted
Did you make this salad? Well its giving my mouth a spasmic gasm
by danielf September 8, 2007
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People (often 12/13 year olds) who post five-page stories on Wattpad in first-person, then connect that to Facebook in the dim hopes that someone will recognize them for the literary talent they are not.
That girl is a real Wattpad spasmic, she wrote two pages with a fuck load of mistakes with the promise of more when she gets twenty likes
by Percivail September 28, 2013
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