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A nick name It is a combination of name Snaggle pussy adopted Fragile looking pastey kid who thinks he can race but drives like a fag. Usually saw bucks in a corner because his fragile weak arms can't make the turn. Someone who can not lift up a little go Kart.
SOme one wo is afraid of school busses and must be driven to school.
You are such a spant. You drive like a a spant.
by Official Lord Ferrari October 08, 2008
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/spānts/ - exclamation
Used when the person exclaiming is by some means intoxicated; which assumes they cannot otherwise render intelligible words.
by Bare Foot Smithy December 22, 2014
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long shorts, reach at least 3 inches under knee, worn by street rats who think shorts shorter than that are feminine.
"Those spants are awesome man."
by Senor Quives April 06, 2004
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A term used by punks to describe the type of pants they wear that are too long for shorts but too short for pants.
Also see ports
Jay- "I see you got a new pair of spants."
Kevin- "Yeah they're punkin."
by Anonymous December 26, 2002
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skinny jeans that have been cut right above the knee; usually worn by skooter kids
Those are some bamf spants!
by plurangel September 11, 2009
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Long shorts six inches below the knee or longer. Too long to be shorts too short to be pants. Comfterble. Not Capris! More baggy.
These spants are so thugin. Quit hateing.
by Kevin reyes Alvarodo September 23, 2007
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