Prequel memer 1:Man I sure do love space Jesus

Prequel memer 2: Are you talking about Kenobi?
Prequel memer 1: obviously
by PonianYoutube July 20, 2020
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A nickname for Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion due to the fact that he appears to be gay, from space, and jesus
Person 1: Who is your favorite character from evangelion
Person 2: Kaworu Nagisa
Person 1: Oh, you mean gay space jesus
by WaluigiIsAGod March 02, 2017
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1. a term that is used to insult or mock the Scientology religion.
2. another name for master chief Halo used to describe how awesome he is
1. Scientology believer: man why the fuck are you atheist?
Atheist: Why do you care?
Scientology believer: cause ur gonna go to hell dumb ass.
Atheist: man, fuck you why don't you go worship space Jesus!

2. Dude space Jesus totally raped those covenant bitches!
by Dak-Stax September 05, 2009
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The appropriate space between two people who are a couple. Usually anywhere betwen 3-5 meters.
Mom: Remember to leave space for Jesus, honey!
Tessa: Aww, look at Glen and Patricia's substantial Jesus-space.
Cameron: Yeah, they must have a lot of respect for each other
by jleinnnca November 26, 2010
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That awkward distance between two people when one person refuses to have their body touching the other's. Girls will usually do this.
When very beautiful girls hug me, or use their massive purses as an excuse to sit a foot away from me, they're making jesus space.
by antaikronik March 23, 2009
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