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A 40-year-old retierd super hero who uses his former rivals, Zorak and Moltar, to help him run his talk show.
"Greeting citizens, I am Space Ghost!"
by Danny Peterson January 10, 2004
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The most commen code name for minors to call pornography.
"Yo dawg I just got this fresh new spaceghost where this guy fucking nuts all over this slut's face, then he looks at this group of these fineass girls and says BITCHES COME. Let me tell you what homie that spaceghost had me errected for an exceptionality long time! Good thing we use the word spaceghost so our parents never find out that were talking about porn."
by the st3 October 07, 2005
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The nonphysical embodiment of the original funny cartoon. Seen on wordAdult Swim/word on Sunday nights.
Space Ghost was the funniest thing to perceive
by larstait October 12, 2003
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A spaceghost is a poorly wrapped blunt, wrapped again in rolling papers. The blunt may be wrapped poorly due to a low quality cigar leaf, or the roller could be a noob. Either way, it was a shit ass job. An easy fix is to roll over the blunt leaf with one or two rolling papers.
Marijuana Enthusiast 1 (clearly distraught): That has got to be the worst blunt I have ever seen. The green is falling out of both ends and there are holes all over the place. We're never using a Phillie again.

Marijuana Enthusiast 2 (slightly embarrassed): Its ok, we'll just wrap over it with some EZ Wider 1-1/2's and smoke us a nice spaceghost.

Marijuana Enthusiast 1 (satisfied): Alright. Le's just get high.
by mrcognshog May 20, 2009
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When an idea or phenomenon gains enough popularity and/or following so as to spread from "coast-to-coast." Could also apply to the physical act of traveling from one coast to another.
Yo, this shit is goin' Space Ghost!
by partynoparty July 29, 2010
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