1. A hilarious attempt by Pat Buchanan to make Canada feel shameful about not wanting to participate in a pathetic, unnecessary, wankerific war.

2. A cute nickname for a country that is actually smart enough to stand up to the United States, although the latter of the two countries is fully under the impression that the former is its bitch.
Two days ago, when Canada asked the United States not to target Canadian citizens just because they were born in certain countries, Mr. Buchanan griped to Mr. Press that Americans didn't need a lecture "from Soviet Canuckistan."
--The Globe
by Nemuko May 11, 2003
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The proper name for the nation known as Kanata (ahem, Amerindian) or the more familiar, Canada. The nation to the North of me. With seemingly intelligent people who are total snobs. Well why wouldn't they be snobs? Well, what could be more fun than socialism, homosexuality and pedophilia trains, high crime rates running rampant, evil people, bobsledding, riding moose and maple syrup? :)

Also, the occasional eggnog and butchering of French language. You can't forget the eggnog though.

All the while, having no military but Al-Shabaab to support 'em. Communist Canada is #1 dudes, so why try harder? special snowflake
Yup, Canadians should be darned proud they're better than Americans. Canadians are the best! They invented everything. Best achievements include creating the Chevrolet and Ford, oh wait. Wasn't that Michigan state. Oh well. Other achievements include KISS, Bob Dylan, Mounties, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Kurt Cobain, Avril Lavigne, Maple Syrup and the defeat of Nazi Germany. :)

Canadian: I just got back from my pedophile homosexual dad whooping me on my ass and touching me. When I woke I had Maple syrup for breakfast and rode Moose to school. Then we got into a knife fight with the other kids and the teachers and I murdered them all! Since guns are banned, I won! I am so cool. A typical day in the life. Yup, socialism and free healthcare. This is the best damned country on Earth. After school I fucked my dead teacher in her ass. What an awesome day.

American: Wow, that's awful. Are you Canadian?

Canadian: Yup. We're better than you fat Americans and are very very humble, my friend. We are #1, baby. So why try harder? Soviet Canuckistan - where dreams come true, we are number one baby! weeehoo. :)
by Abraham's Adversary June 15, 2016
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Where dreams come true, and buttfucks come free.
Canadians: In Soviet Canuckistan, homosexual fucks you!!!!!

Me: Ehh, no thanks.
by Eliteshadow 2 December 04, 2020
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