A small town in Western Mass that is known to be called a hicktown but is actually pothead central
Lets go to southwick to get high,man then ride our dirtbikes.
by someguywhoatepie March 27, 2009
A small town in western mass when everyone knows each others shit commonly known as SOUTHWICK. It's filled with a huge amount of fat sluts and girls who wear clothes that are way to small for them. Theres nothing to do but fuck ugly people and smoke weed. The partys are always at carsons and they are extremly gay. Everyone is constantly stoned and has the muchies. During the winter every girl tans and all the guys drift their shitty redneck cars. Theres a big footed girl running around this neck of the woods so catch her if you can. hop on your dirt scoots and round her up! The whole town is divided into 3 categories. By the lake= lake rats the people who live close to granville and the rich people who live in deer run.EVERYONE is scared of the purple van driven by mr.d dont be afraid if he tells you to wait in the closet.
some dude in southwick: Lets go get some arnies and some buff chick pizza dooddee hey
by hey kids its mr. Biggles December 2, 2010
The Truth is that Southwick is a badass town of which has gained infamy in the surrounding towns. Southwick residents well the younger generations are notorious for going places and causing chaos. It is not a rare occasion to see someone from Southwick being escorted by police from an event or being banned from them. It’s not unusual for Southwick residents to be seen in surrounding towns and making a scene like for example Suffield. It is not unusual here to know 6 or more people with D.U.I.s. or someone who totaled their vehicle drunk and walking away from it. In the winter it’s about snowboarding, snowmobiling, drifting your car, and chillin on the lake. In the summer it’s about running from the 5-0 on the dirtscoots, pitscoots and quads, going to nationals, having fires, pickin tobacco, hittin shit with your car, Tom Petty and partying out on the lake. All year it's about smoking the reefer drinkin the beers trying to get your dick wet or your clit touched doin the occasional Berk or DRR. Getting an Arny at Shell, a buff chick at Gigi's II, a chicken pita at Village, curly fries at The Summer House. Smoking mad blunts at the gorge, playing hacky sack. 99% White and .00001% African-American. All The Girls aren’t gorgeous. Southwick once was the party spot but as the generations go on the parties don't. Carson Has Bangers and no one can disagree. Have you had a kegger in your house? Ok then. Yeah Southwick is filled with Weed-heads but what’s the problem with that? Nothing.
Kid from nearby town 1:Yo are those southwick kids?!

Kid from nearby town 2:Oh shit son yeah that's them!
Kid from nearby town 1: Yo I heard those kids don't fuck around.
Kid from nearby town 3: Yeah they were at a party last week that I was at! They stole all the alcohol, were punching holes in the wall, stole pictures off the wall, were using a fire extinguisher in the house, and broke the stove.
Kid from nearby town 2: Damn!
Kid from nearby town 1: They sound wicked badass!
Kid from nearby town 3: They Are!

Southwick all day baby. all day.
Reppin' the Masshole name!
by The Truth Be Known. March 2, 2011
A place where all tramps live. People will walk around in their pajamas however they will spend loads of time doing their makeup so they look like prostitutes. Most people hate southwick and the people who live there. People who live there are known as "suddicers"
Me: "Shall we go outside in our pajamas?"
Friend: "No! We'll look like people from southwick!"
by Teigan. March 19, 2017
A pack of Hula hoop's that are added to a bowl soup to mimic the more established bread based crouton. First observed in the area of Southwick (nr Brighton) on the south coast of the uk.
"Awww that beef flavour goes so well wiv this tomato soup it's lush Vicky, nice one"
"Yea an salt n vinigar is wicked in lentil, an it's dead classy... southwick croutons are tops innit"
by frog111 December 30, 2010
To awkardly position yourself at a party in a large group of woman in hopes that one will talk to you and give you the opportunity to either take advantage of or creep them out.
Phil definitely just pulled off the sleazy southwick when he sat down by those three girls without speaking to any of them.
by ZBT spyder April 9, 2007