Athletic girls that have the right combination of muscle tone and curves. A typical buff chick is 5'4 and weighs 140, but it's all muscle and curves.
I only date buff chicks, they simply do it better.
by WC's own June 22, 2006
"Man, we went to Mazzios and had some buff chick on pizza, it was the shit"

"Man that buff chick last night was the shit"
by J_shC November 26, 2009
to have to take a nasty dump after eating buffalo chicken
wow i really gotta buff chick after that sandwich
by dickla February 10, 2011
Regular pizza with buffalo chicken pieces on top. Sometimes has different cheeses.
"Yo I got 2 plains and a buff chick for tonight"
"Ballin' outta control!"
by Avi6 December 21, 2008
-A female that is intensely bigger than the male/female that said the statement.

-Abbreviation for "buffalo chicken"
Todd: "Bro, look at that buff chick on the squat rack"

Buffalo Wild Wings Employee: "Hello, welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings. Are you all set to order?"

Dwyane: "Eyy wassup. I'll order 8 wings. Half boneless buff chick and the other half lem parm (Lemon Parmasean)"
by Saucey Wave August 4, 2018
"Abbreve" for Buffalo Chicken. Relies on contextual usage to specify what kind of Buffalo Chicken.
1. Katie: I think I want to order some buff-chick, does anybody want some?

2. Jed: What looks good here?
Katie: Oooo, they have buff-chick!
by Asparagustus1 June 28, 2009
a buffalo chicken cheese sandwhich, best made from the works of richboro.
Hey whats better than a buff chick chee?


2 buff chick chee's

Nice point
by Jared Flood January 19, 2007