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South High School is located in Bakersfield, California. Was once an all white racist school. But now is filled with the majority of Mexicans and African Americans. It is known to be the school that is "ghetto". In sports, they're not the best, but that is because many parents decide to send their kids to rich schools or schools which are supposedly good in sports, due to the fact of South's "ghettoness". The school on the other hand is ghetto and gets down, no doubt about it. It's the school with the students that handle their shit, no talking or discussing, if you're talking head, you are dealt with. So this school is not fake like other schools such as Stockdale, Frontier, Cenntennial, Liberty, BHS. Etc. South High's rival is North High; each year in football they fight for the sword. If North has them and they lose, South keeps the swords, and vice versa. This school has some of the best programs. Their is always something going on. The school has taggers and gangsters. South High sometimes has tagging on their school from other schools, usually Golden Valley. Fights usually break loose at Planz Park which is just down the street. Gun shots happen during or after school sometimes. Lockdowns occur, no sweat. They have some of the best teachers unlike other schools with corrupted drug addict teachers. Many people say "South High is a bad school and ghetto."
Where do you go? - Hank.
I go to South High (Bakersfield). - Lee'Roy.
Oh. That school is bad/ghetto. - Hank.

Doesnt he go to South High (Bakersfield)? - Conner.
Yeaaah! He does. - Cate.
Lets not fuck with him then. - Conner.
I know!!! - Cate.

When asked where you go if you say South High (Bakersfield), some assume you're poor, ghetto, or dumb; but really South High is NOT a bad school. Schools look down on it b/c of low test scores.
by Niiiiiiiiiiiigggga. December 04, 2010
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