Not fully clearing all the smome out of a bong hit. It sits in the piece and looks murky and milky
Damn, Alan! You left me some sour milk in there.
by VansMan19 August 27, 2016
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Also known as "white boy smell". Sometimes referred to as "Spoiled Milk Smell". Certain white boys (and white girls) have this distinct smell of sour milk to them. No amount of deoderant cant stop the smell. You can usually tell when a white boy will have that smell from the way they look. They are usually blonde, blue eyed, and have pale skin... but any white person can have this smell. Once you know what smell to look for you will notice this smell on most white people. Some white people dont shower but once every 2-3 days so the smell is usually a result of that. Just like black people have a distinct odor, so do certain white people.

Some examples of who likely has that sour milk smell:

Nick Carter
Kirsten Dunst
Britney Spears
Jenny McCarthy
Pam Anderson
Rick Shroeder
Brad Pitt

and many others...
Damn, that white boy needs to take a shower. Smells like Sour Milk! Like someone just opened up a 5 year old expired milk carton.
by Nick December 20, 2005
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When one recieves the act of oral pleasure and leaves the ejaculated semen to dry on shaft. Only to be come back to lick the dried semen off like a popsicle.
"Hey did you hear what happened to Stephen last night?"
"Vanessa gave him a good ole sour milk popsicle."
by Datt Hott April 20, 2012
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Juice from tits that has become thick, creamy, and rancid more like rotten butter than milk for some reason. Possibly from an old ass lady or someone that has died.
Rick: I was banging that pregnant hooker last night and she sure as hell as some sour milk tits.

Jake: Maybe she has been eating a lot of those sour Warhead motherfuckers

Rick: I don't know, sucks balls to be that baby
by bballpj28 January 13, 2012
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The act of ejaculating on a woman's back while sleeping, and in the morning she smells and eats it, usually the semen have a sour taste.
"She wouldn't give me anal last night, so I left her a little Sour Horse Milk"
by Titty twister69 November 02, 2015
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