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A status or title awarded to someone who have achieved the epitome of intelligence in all the aspects of mortal and immortal life.
In ancient India, this title was awarded to highly educated scholars for their contributions in various fields of intelligence.
Aryabhatta was awarded the title Souptik for his contributions in the field of astronomy and mathematics.
by /slash\ February 25, 2019
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giving off an indian spice scent.
known for the seduction of young blonde women (see also: liza)
"curried perfection"
fucked mary poppins twelve and a half times.
fucked me thrice.
souptiks have souptik beasts. Also called mustaches
"my souptik is behaving quite well today how is yours?"
"my souptik has grown another souptik beast (mustache)"

by lizacharmedfreak January 21, 2008
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An uncontrollable mess that you dont feel like fixing, when you know it will make you feel better after you fix it.
Akili: My room has a souptik.

by BLASIANS January 18, 2010
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