A type of stereotype which is common within the Roblox Blood and Iron Community. They are very dangerous as they will MURDER you if you fall for their soup shop trap.
"Don't trust the Soup Man."
"Did the Soup Man just clutch?"
"Soup Man is round delaying!"
by Pauligon January 25, 2022
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person in a bukakke video that supplies the jism for the girl. A professional ejaculator.
Dan picked up extra money in college by shooting his wad into a bowl as a soup man for a bukakke video.
by eric November 28, 2003
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What to say to friend who"s being petty and won't speak to you because you ate a can of soup
Sorry I ate your soup man! Quit bein mad I'll buy you another geez!
by lizguitarlessons August 10, 2017
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a bunch of practically naked guys in a hot tub together.
lets go to the hot tub and make some man soup
by xxBACKOFFxx November 12, 2007
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the smell of a group of men confined to a small space
This hunting cabin reeks of man soup!
by Chrispy Cremesicle August 25, 2011
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the disgusting odor built up in a vehicle by dudes on a road trip
hose out the van, we need to get rid of this man soup
by brettmillious September 25, 2005
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