A man or woman that has exceptional HEAD GAME that can make a person Bust on unimaginable levels Everytime it is done and the receivers body reacts uncontrollably
Do it til your Leg Shakin' and being a Good Kisser can easily make a person a Soul Snatcher while the body is twitching and sucking their thumb BUSSIN like Krazy
by Poetic Miscotto November 23, 2022
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A redhead that has the power to steal ones soul through sexual intercourse. The soul is sucked out of the penis or vagina. While this process is painless, it can be very gratifying or
Guy 1: "Dude i had some crazy wild sex with that Soul Snatcher last night!"

Guy 2: You mean that redhead you met at the bar. You Know you dont have a soul now, right?"

Guy 1: " Dude i dont even care that was the best sex ever!"
by Soulless Chum February 17, 2010
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A neeedle, most likely used for heroin
Guy #1: "you shouldnt use a soul snatcher."
Guy #2: " im addicted bro"
by JJ_Jay February 9, 2016
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Someone who is so great at a sexual act , that you feel like your soul is being snatched. Most of the time a redhead.
by Savvy_elizabeth September 5, 2017
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When your receiving head just as your about to nut shove your meat to the back of her throat so she chokes and it come out of her nose
Man I gave this girl a soul snatcher 3000
by Daddy Sendai January 9, 2021
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