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When someone has a -ness after their last name it defines how they are. And not everyone is blessed with the name Sopo. Soponess is an undeniable force that attracts hot men and women from everywhere. Soponess is a smooth operator, it's cool, calm and collective. A man with Soponess has the style of James Bond and a woman with Soponess is the godess of everything. There has been facebook groups named after the word Sopo and those who aren't a Sopo, want to be a Sopo. You must be crowned by a Sopo to be considered to have the aura, the finesse, and the eternal bad-ass attitude of Soponess.
Damn, did you see that guy walk in with 6 hot chicks? He's got that Soponess.

by Oscar the Otter January 30, 2007
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