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"So how was your night with John, Becky?" "I left after I uncovered his soom"
by Hellscout November 04, 2014
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A combination of the words 'zoom' and 'soon.' It denotes a period of time in the very near future. This is generally used in reference to periods of time between two and five seconds.
"I'm going to leave soom," remarked Tom as he was walking out the door.
by Tom December 14, 2004
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Soom is a synonym for "contract"
The opposite of expansion.
The opposite of phoom.
Instead of saying:

"That sponge is doing the opposite of expanding."

you say:

"That sponge is <<sooming>>."
by Caree October 15, 2006
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To punch someone in the ribs. The combonation of the sound of the fist flying toward the ribs and the impact make a "soom" sound.
I'm gonna soom you good!!!!!
by Ed K May 06, 2003
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