Something yelled in frustration by a taxi cab driver while hitting his steering wheel.
Son of bitch! Shit and fuck!
by quix October 22, 2003
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son of bitch: bhow bhow
bitch: how how
son of bitch: bhu bhu bhu
bitch: bhaw bhaw bhaw
by Xhing January 8, 2008
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"Sons of Bitches" is an expression used in utter frustration. It is best used after hitting a decent golf shot but getting an unfortunate result.
"Hey Ed, your chip rolled off the green into the bunker!"
"Sons of Bitches J!"
"Sons of Bitches man!"
by AngelsBaseball311 August 1, 2014
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Plural form of 'son of a bitch'; a group of people, each one being a son of a bitch
(after a group of people, each being a son of a bitch, wrecked Ted's car)
Ted: That's it- I'm a kick each one a ur asses, ya sons o' bitches!
by Meadowlark June 28, 2006
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