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An insult referring to someone as a baby sitting in a piss filled tub
Bully: hey you suck give me your lunch money

by 56Explosivediareahabrats June 29, 2022
Some little hoe who sits in a tub filled with piss or can just be an insult.
Yo that mf is a fuckin Piss baby tub
by 56Explosivediareahabrats October 5, 2022
A males genital part that produces a white substance called CUM most who live in the CUM zone CUM a lot and the big penis coc gets super hard like brick
Dude in class earlier I had a Big penis coc
Some kid on dh who sucks at the game and uses his daddys money
Cullay: POOOR
Me: shut the fuck up nasty ass ratty hoe ass bitch I fucked your whole ass family you stanky ass Cullay
Cullay: WAAAA
by 56Explosivediareahabrats October 8, 2022
Walter White, the main character of the critically acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad, is one of the most complex and fascinating characters in television history. Played by Bryan Cranston, Walter is a high school chemistry teacher who turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. As the show progresses, Walter's character evolves from a mild-mannered and sympathetic man into a ruthless drug kingpin.

At the beginning of the show, Walter is a struggling middle-class man who is frustrated with his life. He feels trapped in his job, his marriage, and his finances. However, after his diagnosis, he decides to use his expertise in chemistry to make money by manufacturing and selling methamphetamine. He teams up with Jesse Pinkman, a former student, and they start their business. Initially, Walter's motivations are somewhat noble - he wants to provide for his family after he's gone - but he soon becomes addicted to the power and money that comes with being a drug lord.

In conclusion, Walter White is a complex and compelling character, one who has captured the imaginations of viewers around the world. He is both sympathetic and villainous, a man who is driven by both noble and selfish motivations. His character arc is a fascinating exploration of the human psyche, and his story will undoubtedly continue to be studied and analyzed for years to come.
Nigger: Walter White is a fucking badass
Me: Shut up fag
by 56Explosivediareahabrats March 24, 2023
"Yo dude"
"you look like you need some pussy"
"Dude you know im gay"
A baseball bat colored black and is a silicone dildo that can cum alot alot in the but of kids in booty hole land.
I'm gonna shove a fucking baseball bat nigger dildo penis up my kids ass.
by 56Explosivediareahabrats March 24, 2023