A solee is an amazing person that cares about others and always there for you. She is a very huggable person that will talk to you and share memories with. If you see a solee she will make sure you know she's there and will hug you. There are not that many solees out there so if you see one than its a rare sighting.
Wow that solee is so savage

I wish I was a solee like her
by Alfootso March 23, 2017
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She’s the most beautiful girl you will ever meet.Shes is loving and caring she put anyone she loves first before herself .Shes kind caring and goofy.But don’t get on her bad side cause it will be hell .The smile is everything and her Hugs and kisses are the best .If you meet a Sole’ in your life don’t let her go shes the one
Sole-A person who has a amazing heart with the most cutest face
by Trotten July 19, 2020
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a word from the 'samoan' language (the pacific island SAMOA.same nationality as the hip hop group Boo Yaa TRIBE....sole means a fellow,friend,mate
hey sole!, what you doin?
how are you sole?
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Adjective- Originating in Mobile, AL among black community
1. Lacking the ability to dress

2. Not matching completely
3. Behaving in a lame manner
Synonyms: tacky, lame, weak
This nigga got on bootcut jeans and timbs in june, he sole af.
by Da Leprechaun April 11, 2017
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A samoan word for dude, mate, lad etc.

For example:
Sole man, go get the taro for the lua'u.
by hamo08 February 29, 2008
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1)Alternative, street version of the Oxford English Definiton of "Solid" used to describe someone who is hard. Often used by chavs discussing the fight they had last night, or subsequent injuries.
1) Ahh m8, u is soled cuz u caned that mush innit
2) U can't be in my cru cuz u is not soled.innit do.
3) I is harda dan u. i wil kil u cuz i is soled.
by Samstorm December 5, 2004
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Regional. Hawaii. Pidgin English. 1. A Samoan person
Planny Soles on da mainlan', cuz.
by theunknowngl October 17, 2004
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