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When you were studying but not really paying attention. Or taking many brakes and mostly playing games while studying.
Friend 1: big test, did you study
Friend 2: I soited so I think it's good enough
by Starving tapeworm January 22, 2017
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A word used to describe how one feels about something wether it is good bad or other wise.
Soit!!! that concert was amazing!!!
Soit!!! that freaking sucks bro!!!
by Destroyer11 July 26, 2009
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A term invented by a simple typo. Intended to mean spot SOIT is a person/place/or institution where one can purchase or otherwise illicit drugs and other illegal substances. ie. crack
"Man, my dealer got locked up... so now I'm looking for a good soit..."
by daizilicious May 16, 2005
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