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A beautiful girl not always confident about her self and cares about what people say about her. She is a great friend who is always there for her friends and is like a sister to any girl. She gets along with guys very well and will never be unfaithful to her boyfriend. She will always try her best to reach her goals and give others a helping hand when they are struggling.
Girl 1: Hey did you meet the new girl Sofiya?
Girl 2: Yeah! Shes awesome! And she helped me in math too! Shes so smart
Girl 1: I agree Haha! I think shes gonna be our friend really soon ;)
by Meeeeee :) August 19, 2011
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Sofiya is not always confident in herself, but she has no reason to do so. She is pretty, funny, a great friend, & a loyal and devoted girlfriend. You will not meet anyone like her. She can get hurt easily, but will tear you down if you mess with her friends. If you ever get the chance to meet a Sofiya don't let her go. She is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet!
Guy 1: Who's that?
Guy 2: That's Sofiya she is SO pretty & hilarious!

Guy 1: Wow, I have to meet her!
by iwantrebel March 22, 2020
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A sexy girl with a nice ass body. She’s one of a kind and she’s probably the toughest of them all. She’ll beat your ass if you disrespect her in any way. She’s the best at everything, she’s smarter than anyone and she has the best athletic structure, a six pack, nice titties and thicc ass. It can’t get better than sofiya all the guys want her so bad so if she has her eye on you your one lucky ass guy cuz she’ll be the girl of your dreams and you’ll probably be together forever it’s impossible not to love her. She has the most beautiful eyes on the universe usually blue or greyish green. She’s always there to help anyone her heart is made of gold and she’s probably the best girl on this planet.
Guy: damn sofiya let me tap that ass
Sofiya: sure, but let me beat that ass first
by someonewhogotnolife May 24, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in this entire world. She is so fucking smart!!! She is funny and has great акцент мамаджааан!!! Самаая любимаааЯ дивочкааааа!!!
Мамаджmamadjan sofiya amazing!! I’m gonna merry her!
by Таджик August 02, 2020
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