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This term no longer means what it actually means. Social Justice can range from anything from men not working in kitchens to being racist towards white people in classrooms to "avenge African-Americans."
A Social Justice Warrior is just a serial killer who is one or two ticks away from being institutionalized.
by SeriousManMan December 28, 2017
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A nihilistic group of extreme air heads who beg for a fascist system of government that will adhere to their foolish proven to fail delusions. They fall into the same out come benefits on society- "The benefits of drug addiction " "The benefits of cancer" "The benefits of jealousy" "The benefits of naivety" The benefits of car wrecks" "The benefits of syphilis" "The benefits of murder" " The benefits of being eaten by a rabid elephant" " The benefits of hell fire"
"The benefits of drowning" "The benefits of radiation fallout poisoning" "The benefits of a stroke" The benefits of low IQ" etc.......
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To simplify things, a Social Justice Warrior, or SJW, are often thought to ruin everyone's fun and free speech. They force censorship, blame crap on gamers, and other things of this nature. The SJW anthem explains this.
P.S: They're known for getting triggered.
Casual guy: I don't think the mass-shooting simulator is bad-
social justice warrior: I'M TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!11!one
by [PRIVATE] June 14, 2016
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A secret cult that the government doesn't want us to know about.
Guy : ... don't tell anyone else but social justice warriors are just in a cult that the government is hiding from us.
Obama : we got a tango in Chinatown copy.
by Obama's 2 dad January 09, 2019
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Someone who believes that women, blacks, muslims, and the LGBTQ community are oppressed and have less rights than white men. A social justice warrior is unfamiliar with the concept of linear time, unable to understand that everyone has had the same rights as white men for generations. A social justice warrior wishes they could have participated in prostests in a time when certain groups actually had less rights than others, so they make up non-existent problems to fight for so that they can feel as if they are doing good for the world.
liberal arts student: did you see those xenophobic police officers shoot and kill that man just because he was muslim?
me: actually, they shot him because he killed 9 people with a machete.
liberal arts student: NO THEY SHOT HIM BECAUSE THEY ARE RACIST WHITE COPS #$% *unintelligible*
me: *sighs* stop being such a social justice warrior.
by mrmandalay January 02, 2017
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Definition of a "Social justice warrior":

Adjective (derogatory)
1: A racist, sexist, bigoted, kakistocratic, puritanical, sanctimonous, fascistic, cultural marxist, socialist, post-modernist, cultist, supremacist vigillante.

2: Useful idiot, guiliable, sophmoric, impulsive, reactionary (with little to no knowledge of world history, politics, economics or life experience) who wages war in the online and public arena in the name of "equality".

3. Un/witting cause of great "Joeseph Macarthy"-esque damage to public/private figures by hate mob, ostracisation and shame, deluded in the belief that they are helping the world in their projection of personal insecurites onto others.
Things a social justice warrior might say or endorse without knowing it:
1."Don't tell women how not to get raped, tell men not to rape!"
2. Equality = exclusive benefits and rights for some above others.
by Grumgrash Grogrobash August 19, 2015
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