The term Social Justice Warrior (SJW) is one that reflects the ironic tone of postmodernism. Only under an ideology that supposes that nothing has meaning or value could a term come to mean its exact opposite—in this case, on the basis that care isn't cool. Essentially, SJWs are people who care a lot about humanity, but because modern, Western, white men have been convinced that caring is trite and "irrational" (even if all human behavior is necessarily irrational), they feel threatened by people caring. They lash out at people for caring by pejoratively referring to them as SJWs, all the while claiming that only "objectivity" (a completely impossible concept) matters and that we should all simply look out for ourselves.
That lady with the pink armpit hair is a real Social Justice Warrior; she was commenting on and on about children in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, as though anyone's supposed to care. *Sips Diet Coke™ while mashing on iPhone™* I mean, we get it—people die and it's our fault. Can't she just write in a blog or on Tumblr or something, instead of having to rub her irrational, normative righteousness in everyone's faces?
by shaunzo October 17, 2017
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An insult, most commonly used between 2016-2018 for anyone espousing socially progressive views. Used almost exclusively by right-wing chuds who bash so-called “SJWs” based entirely on YouTube compilations of something along the lines of “feminists being owned”.
Jesus Christ, it’s not 2016 anymore, stop using Social Justice Warrior as an insult.
by terepypipes December 30, 2021
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A nihilistic group of extreme air heads who beg for a fascist system of government that will adhere to their foolish proven to fail delusions. They fall into the same out come benefits on society- "The benefits of drug addiction " "The benefits of cancer" "The benefits of jealousy" "The benefits of naivety" The benefits of car wrecks" "The benefits of syphilis" "The benefits of murder" " The benefits of being eaten by a rabid elephant" " The benefits of hell fire"
"The benefits of drowning" "The benefits of radiation fallout poisoning" "The benefits of a stroke" The benefits of low IQ" etc.......
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A pejorative term for people who acknowledge the existence of racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry. It was created by insecure straight white cisgender men who are terrified of losing their privileged status and preferential treatment in society as well as their ability to treat women and minorities like pieces of trash with public approval.
Person #1: I don't think it's OK to kill a man just because he's black.
by qbdkusoemv December 1, 2019
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Or SJW. A term that bigots use to insult people who don't like their bigotry - someone who fights against discrimination and hatred, annoying people who like to discriminate and to hate. Hard to believe that basically calling somebody as righteous as Martin Luther King Jr. is now an insult, but the Internet is a sad, sad place.
It's always hilarious to hear SJW used as an insult. "Social justice warrior" is the basic plot of most '80s action shows and cartoons. Arriving in places and fighting against discrimination? The A-Team were social justice warriors. It's practically a synonym for Knight Rider. Insulting someone for respecting other people is like insulting them for masturbating -- the fact you don't do it has way more to do with why you're so upset all the time. (Luke McKinney,
by igm30001 September 30, 2014
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