When a contestant on a competition show (e.g. X factor) tells the audience a sad story of their past in order to gain attention and sympathy votes.
"She wouldn't have gotten through to the finals if it weren't for her sob story"
by eboniz March 6, 2018
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A story when someone wants clout, sympathy or attention from someone.
Look, Farhana posted a tiktok about her sob story on discord.
by farhanastfusmellyindian May 26, 2022
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The usually made-up tragic story that any drug addict/thief/hooker/bad person will tell you so you feel bad for them and will make you feel like it's not their fault that they are the way they are, or made the decisions that they made.
jenny: ugh suzy, look at you! you're fucked up on coke and it's 8 in the morning, and we're in spanish class!
suzy: Jenny, you don't even know what I've been through, I told you what happened...I found my mother dead when I was 8, then I was taken into foster care and beaten and I took to the streets where I became an anonymous circus dancer. You don't know how it feels to have no sense of identity!!!
jenny: oh, suzy, what a sob story...
by Angelacia May 27, 2007
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The kind of story you tell people so they can sympathize with you or make their hearts warm towards you, that way you can easily make them so your bidding.
Boy: I was supposed to go see the movie premiere with my girlfriend, but she broke up with me with a text last night, would you go with me?

Girl: awwn... what a sob story, but you're cute. I would!
by K Supreme January 1, 2019
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Evil persons whom want to hear your sob stories so that you can just sound like a pathetic immigrant. And they can take your heart and eat it like a cannibal</3:/ I.E. FAT WOMEN....or perhaps a "RACIST" relative. I will probably win here.
No I will not share my sob stories or die from an an haer trap with my bf...
by Alex phoenix October 3, 2023
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