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A popular pairing in the video game kingdom hearts. SoKai is the pairing of the characters Sora and Kairi. Many people insist it's canon but it ISN'T. Until the game confirms that they are together, it's not true. SoKai ruins many yaoi fangirls dreams and is stupid and inferior compared to its sexier, more logical counterpart SoRiku also known as RikuSora. So the conclusion is that Kairi should just die so that Riku and Sora can share a paopu fruit and be together forever.
SoKai? Never. SoRiku? Oh yes.
by RikuSora August 24, 2010
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The pairing of Sora and Kairi from the video game Kingdom Hearts. Also known as Kaiora. It's so obvious that's practically already canon.
I've been watching a lot of SoKai AMVs lately.
by xxIhavenoname September 29, 2008
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The popular pairing of the two main characters Sora and Kairi from the popular videogame series: Kingdom Hearts. This pairing is used in reference to the relationship between Sora and Kairi and anything having to do with such. This has been canonly referenced, alluded to, and hinted at in many scenes throughout the Kingdom Hearts series to the point of it now being all but officially confirmed.
~EX: "What a romantic story!" -Olette, Kingdom Hearts 2, In reference to Kairi's telling the story of how Sora travelled the worlds to save her in Kingdom Hearts 1.
It should be noted that a smaller portion of fans of the Kingdom Hearts series than that of those who support and believe in Sokai support a ship known as Soriku. Soriku is not in any way canon and is mostly based off of a scene in Kh2 taken out of context. Riku is Sora's Bestfriend to the point of each considering each other a brother.
1.: a-What are you writing?
b- A fanfic for Sokai day!
2.: Look at this Fanart! This is Sokai right here.
3.: I hope Sokai gets another moment in Kh3!
4.: My favorite Sokai moment is in Kh2 when Sora imagines himself dancing with Kairi in Halloween town!
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by Khfanifinity August 15, 2018
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