Nickname referring specifically to the southwestern part of The Bronx and perpetuated by artists, which reflects the area as a burgeoning hotspot for large and affordable spaces, warehouses, etc. in which to create artwork.

Inspired by previous areas of New York City that formerly housed nascent art communities with affordable spaces: SoHo in Manhattan (South of Houston Street) and DUMBO in Brooklyn (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass).
Whether you're from boogie down or in the area, check out what's going down in the SoBRO galleries.
by littlegreyhound May 23, 2007
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A bunch of effin' animals

comes from a section of brookline full of a bunch of kids with more DUI's than legitmate driver liscenses
jesus christ, i hate these sobro kids
by jaypedoslut March 24, 2005
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1. The south part of brookline that borders West Roxbury. Primarily a rich community of kids that steal alcohol from Putterham Market, get with freshman girls, and have parents that pull in $5mil ever year, but the fact of the matter is that some of the five-person homes in sobro are cheaper than ones in other parts of brookline. In sobro, there is also the large, mediocre condo complex hancock village. Most of the people that live there are Koreans who are working in america for a year and want their kids to go to a good public school, but there are also many in hancock village who can't afford to live elsewhere.
Famous spots: Putterham Market, Mandarin Gourmet, and Cheryl Ann's.

2. South Bronx. Totally different story.
1. I live in sobro, my parents make $15,000 a year, I don't drink or do drugs, and I'm a decent kid.

2. I live in the South Bronx, also known as Sobro.
by somereallysillykid August 30, 2008
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a small part of brookline, overflowing with boys that think they are invincible. they get arrested once a week and still think its cool to drink 40 beers and drive around or paddle kids. they mack the freshmen like crazy but those girls dont seem to mind. sobro thinks they own shit, but really they just start shit. the seniors of 2005 from sobro even have sobro tatoos, chill out guys. it aint cool.
Person 1: "I was in sobro the other day."
Person 2: "Did you get run over, or have beer spilled on you? Wait did dennis try to rape you?"
Freshman girl: "No, he raped me. It was amaaaazing!"
by anonymous March 24, 2005
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Based on previous definitions, Sobro is a place only a high school student could care about or take pride in. It would appear to be occupied by a number of pretentious spoiled youth with nothing better to do than attempt to impress people on the internet.

It's also a place where apparently a lot of people have yet to learn that in real life, no one cares where you went to high school or what town you came from. If you're lucky you'll live in a backwoods-enough place that people might "respect" you for you last name, but only if your rich daddy lives there too.
I stumbled across "sobro" clicking the random button, and this is what I get?
by This is my name. June 6, 2005
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sobro is basicaly a dump filled with drunk rapests
im moving out of sobro
by Josh Zunik March 30, 2005
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a part of the world where it is still cool have private clubs, and where everyone answers to the "king". sobro is a kingdom where everyone is real "hardcore" and you are as cool as the number of beers you can drink, but lets remind ourselves sobro does after all stand for south BROOKLINE. members of sobro wil only travel in multiples of 2 (one dick for each ass) but never less than 4 (always down for the gangbang). little girls be careful because between the incessant bumfucks within the royal family, and the paddling of little boys, they have been known to show signs of heterosexuality, but you must be below a certain height to play (dennis' bellybutton). Sobro is a place where rape is "the coolest" and if you have enough people backing you up, you might have the balls to cut someones plasma screen, if of course no one is looking. Sobronians are the reason people are scared to have parties, because they are convinced trashing peoples shit is badass. those of you out there ashamed of the enormous mansion your family owns or the car your rentals gave you as soon as you got your permit, sobro is a sanctuary where you can always be sure wealthy pricks will be pretending to be underprivileged in order to gain friends. Cute nicknames boys! dont talk what you havent got biiaaaach
whos tha hoes? kids from ...!

one of your boys got robbed and no one did shit?
by cumonyourfaceyoupussies April 3, 2005
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