A snugger is a person who has worn a Snuggie for more than 12 consecutive hours.
Cliff would have gone to the rock & roll concert but he chose to be a snugger and lounge around the house all day.
by TheFantasticL0LMaster February 16, 2010
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One who believes himself/herself an animal the does not exist.
This town is filled with snuggers. If I see another unicorn or three toed juanadon I swear all the arted golapos are dead.
by madmadmad August 22, 2005
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a snugger fit is a specially made condom for people with small wangs. usually, regular sized condoms slip off people that should be wearing a snugger fit.
whoops! my condom slipped off! looks like i need snugger fits!
by TheAntiPrincess January 22, 2004
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someone who lingers around and thinks they are part of a group but yet have no association and are willing to lie about their characteristics to fit in.... hence someone who snuggers people in the group and pisses them off!!!
a group eating dinner at the dinning center

Person 1: "dude i haven't got laid since winter break."

Snugger Fish: "Yeah me too. its been awhile."

Person 1: "Dude snugger fish you told us you have never been laid before?!"

Snugger Fish: "Oh no I had a girlfriend last year."

Person 1: "No, you were drunk and told us that you were a virgin!!!"
by redfox19 February 01, 2010
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Noun: A leather strap attached to a man's genitals. Its used in sexual activity where the Snuggered is in the dog position, another person sits on his back with the strap and pulls the strap sharply causing great discomfort to the snuggered causing him to buck in an effort to escape. V.:1) the act of violently jerking the strap. 2) Applying the strap.
I woke up and realized that I had been drugged. She had me in a Holland Snugger and began giving your humbled narrator a nasty bit of skorry Snuggering.
by Dalebert S. Newburg January 17, 2008
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Another word for ass, fuck, bitch, or any other bad terms that you can't yell at your parents. This way just yell "you snugger nugget!" And they'll just think your a little bit cra cra! This works on all suits. Hey! Even try it on your teachers too!!
Hey you snugger nugget stop being such a snugger nugget to my friend over there!
by Monkers9888 November 06, 2013
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