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Snow Hunting is esentially the collecting and selling of rare snow specimens found basically anywhere in the world, primarily in 3rd world countries, marshes or any swampy region, or in gutters, mall parking lots, ghettos or occasionally in the third story of a windmill supply center located somewhere slightly east of Baku, Azerbaijan. Snow quality depends on where it lands, the level of precipitation of that particular region, how many birds it passed, and the level of evaporated cum it has picked up on it descent through earth's upper atmosphere. The rarest forms of snow, such as Purple Snowze and Botswanan Snowme Grown among others can be sold on the black markets for large sums of cash money and/or access to dick/cock depending on the buyers religious and geographical background. Although Snow Hunting and selling is an illegal business, it still controls a large portion of todays worldwide economies, especially in 3rd world countries where the most snow is found, and particularly Azerbaijan. The most rare form of snow which is generally known as 'Azerbaijanian Original Mix' can be sold for up to as much as 000.500.534.5 cents, although rates differ depending on global currency exchange rates, shipping costs, the amount of pet birds a buyer has, and most importantly the length of the buyers dick/cock, again depending on racial background and what he ate that day. Many forms of cheaper snow can be found just about anywhere, and thus hunted for just as easily, although they are of much lesser quality than the more expensive snows, and usually are easier for authorities to detect and subsequently remove the dick/cock of whoever was in possession, once again depending on what brand of shoes the accused was wearing, and how many operations he has has on his anus and rectum, and on that of his pet buzzard. As global infrastructure and economic markets grow, so does the demand for illegal snow, and so many people have turned to Snow Hunting as a full time job and therefore as a living and as a career. Recent studies have shown that Snow Hunting is profitable enough that Hunters, after consecutive snow deals, have had enough money to provide themselves with propper lodgings such as a cardboard box or piece or tin scrap metal, or even in some rare cases proper funds with witch to purchase cockal or rectal extensions of up to 3.33 centimeters in length. Overall Snow Hunting has contributed greatly to todays society, cultural scene, and economy, and will continue to grow as time goes on, metaphorically, and sometimes literally in the case of cock/dick, once again depending on culinary awareness, ownership or previous ownership of a '78 ford pickup, and current radius of rectum and/or anal cavity depending on time and place. Basically, Snow Hunting is a rough game, and you gotta have the testicular organs with with to play it, and if you dont, then you can either get your current testicular organs enhanced, or you can just get your crotch removed and go fuck sheep in a hole until you die, which is the recommended option you pathetic bag of semin.
Azerbaijanian Snow Hunter: Tomorrow I will make a deal wich took place three weeks ago in six seconds at 4 am in the morning, which i was not present for, yesterday.
Snow Buyer: ... Exactly how the fuck does that work?
Azerbaijanian Snow Hunter: Easy comrade, you take your cock in hand, take a pare of scissors in the other...
Snow Buyer: Heeeey hey, woah there, I know you Snow Hunters are a lil' whack but thats taking it to far Sir.. Ya' Snow Hunting cocksucker.
Azerbaijanian Snow Hunter: So be it comrade, dickal removal commencing 5 minutes ago in 4.55 seconds.
Snow Buyer: .. Wha?..
by cdogg23 February 03, 2008
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