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A girl who may or may not be hot but acts like she is the greatest thing to walk the earth. These girls are found with lips pursed at the bar, their anorexic throats quivering from previously retching in the bar toilet. They have watched too many episodes of Laguna Beach, The Hills, and other stupid shows that make girls think they are all important.

Even if you bed a snot pot the road will be difficult. They GREATLY dislike oral, and anal sex is cause for them to contact the police. Make sure you get them wasted and wait for them to cry unload how they spent a semester of high school in a mental asylum before you slip MacGyver in their backdoor.

The best way to deal with Snot Pots are to attack them with cutting words. This WILL make a scene and chances are you will be kicked out of the bar, but a win is a win. Be warned Snot Pots tend to travel in groups and may also have a Level 4 Troll Gatekeeper guarding them. DO NOT ask the Troll "how much to pass". She WILL sit on you. The Troll is usually double to triple the size of the Snot Pot and is easily agitated. Satiate the troll with drink and cheese appetizers to distract her before attacking the Snot Pot.
"I'm going to ruin that stupid snot pot's night. Hand me that Cran n Vodka, I'm feeling clumsy."
by newcubandespot March 15, 2010
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