The act of taking a steaming dump in your pants, especially in more formal settings like weddings or work meetings. The movement is usually brought on by extreme satisfaction of a job well done.
The financial gains and pats on the back in George's company meeting brought on the smell of poo as he proceeded to satiate his pants with brownie dough.
by Larry the Tom May 28, 2011
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redneck for "say she ate it."
cleetus: my wifes gon kill us once she finds out we ate all the g'dang chicken feet
jimbo: well, the dog ran outta food today, we'll satiated.
by dubdeuce July 31, 2005
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morally and physically flexible women.

polite and public use for bitches hoes, sluts, and/or
"Tonite, we get inebriated and fornicate with some
by Xik Witted February 18, 2009
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when you say a word so much it starts to sound fucking weird
Ducksauce had to say the same thing so many times at an audition he got semantic satiation
by MadWolf March 25, 2013
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That moment when you repeat a word many times to the point it has no meaning and it feels odd to pronounce it.
Oh no, what a Semantic Satiation...
by Interius July 16, 2021
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