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A magical creature found in kentucky referred to some as the super choclate bear; his secret hero identity is The BBC (Big Black Cock)
Asshole 1:Holy Shit! theres a naked black man here!!!
niggely bits: Relax man its just The Mighty BBC! aka Snorge
by Bitch-titties-von-nigglebottom November 07, 2009
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The act of accidentally spitting onto, unto, or into another persons face or mouth whilst talking conversationally face to face. Usually accompanied by an awkward moment that has no "default" response - most commonly people just continue to talk though both parties realized the snorge.
"Bro, I totally snorged in that chick's mouth just now asking for her number."

Try not to snorge when doing a job interview.

That one dude who keeps snorging at evert

This word is rarely used in conversation as it is a brand new never-been used word.
by PirateRadio September 27, 2017
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