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A creepy yeti-like thing that lives in your closet and feeds on your brains when you sleep!
Mark just got his brains eaten from that snorb in his closet!
by Squidward Testicles December 05, 2004
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n. - A large ball of mucous accidentally discharged from one's nose. Does not include purposeful nose-blowing or snot rockets. Derived from "snot orb".

v. - To eject a snorb.
Ew, gross, I found a snorb in my soup!

Dude, you just snorbed on me!

You're such a snorb.
by roger_murdock April 22, 2009
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SnOrbs (Snow ORBs) Up Close they look like Ascending White Comets Seen In Flash Camera Photos

A close up of the snorbs, they seem to be coming from within the ground and going upwards, look at a tail behind the orb, should be the other way with the nucleus descending

An Invisible World Seen With A Flash Camera, Yup, We are in THE TWILIGHT ZONE, Episode # 2012
Oh my it's SnOrbing outside again, will we need an upside down umbrella
by sumstuff50 January 17, 2012
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