3 definitions by Squidward Testicles

A creepy yeti-like thing that lives in your closet and feeds on your brains when you sleep!
Mark just got his brains eaten from that snorb in his closet!
by Squidward Testicles December 5, 2004
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Tap the Sap is street slang for masturbation
Jake likes to Tap the Sap over Tracey
by Squidward Testicles April 15, 2019
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Adj. Coined by Napoleon Dynamite, used whenever annoyed or angry (1). Also used to describe a total fool (2)
1) Go away, you flippin' idiot!
2) Dude, you're being a flippin' idiot!
by Squidward Testicles February 21, 2005
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