In Fairbanks, Alaska (2023) it was agreed upon that those means “Snow Noodle” as snow hanging down from street lights, resembled a noodle.
Did you see the snoodle off by farmer’s loop?
by Odirus March 8, 2023
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To cocoon oneself in blankets to stay warm and cozy.
“I can’t go out tonight. I’m all snoodled on the couch and watching Netflix. But you can join me if you’d like. I have more blankets.”
by rebeccattack September 23, 2015
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Getting comfy and cozy during a snooze session;snuggling under mounds of blankets cheek to cheek in the winter; sharing warm fuzzy feelings
My kids are such snoodle bugs; they love curling up with me at the end of the night to read a book.

Getting cozy before going to sleep with another person.
by snoodlebug April 10, 2012
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A term used when referring to smuggling a little chinese boy across the world IN A SUITCASE, in order to return him to his mother. This has no relation to the movie "Noodle".
Alec : Damn, I've only done a Snoodle once.

Drew : Noooob, I've smuggled 4 or 5 little boys.

Brian : You guys are fucking weird.
by Young Krayyy January 10, 2011
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The act in which you are cuddling with your girl and she asks to "snoodle" so while you are are cuddling you ever so slightly engage in anal intercourse in the most subtle possible cuddling known to mankind.
"Bro I just snoodled your sister until she fell asleep"
by HIiLikemeisheiscool June 8, 2017
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To Snoodle or be Snoodling is a substitute word for making out or kissing. Commonly used by insecure people who would rather not say those phrases.
Ew they're going to Snoodle
by SmexySaber October 21, 2019
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An amazing person who has taken a liking to noodles
Snoodle is amazing, he couldn't actually be any better. Also, he loves snugget
by SnoodleH June 1, 2020
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