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Fairbanks is a city in Alaska, pretty far North. Its about 300 miles away from Palmer, Alaska. Fairbanks is a mining town, most of the jobs are outdoor, mining, or retail. While the job market is pretty good during the economic decline, Fairbanks fails at the social aspect. You will find more felons in Fairbanks than any other city in Alaska. Most of the people were either born there and have never left, or were brought in by people that were already there. Many people go to Fairbanks for a period of time to attend UAF, one of the BEST campuses that University of Alaska has to offer. The marijuana is expensive, $50 for an eighth! Don't worry though, if you know where to get it, its good, and unless you have a bad connection, its 3.5 every time.

The major downside to Fairbanks:

There is NOTHING to do for people in their twenties.

Most places have bad water (lots of iron, can't shower in it or drink it).
Most of the people there are set in their ways and spend most of their time drinking away their sorrows.
Unless they aren't FROM Fairbanks, most people are pretty introverted, and it takes them awhile to warm up to new people enough to quit scowling.
It gets really, REALLY cold there. I mean, frostbite in seconds during the winter.

If you're going to visit during the summer and you like hot weather, its a great place to visit. Living there is NOT something one should do unless they have warrants out and feel like hiding.
"Dude, it's not Fairbanks, Alaska, its Squarebanks."

"Lets get to Chena Hot Springs, then get the eff out of here!"

"Really? No Walmart is that big!"

"How many of these people should be in jail right now?"
by AK.Hippie February 11, 2012
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