A mobile app college kids use to anonymously talk shit and post witty things to people nearby.
Some frat bro is talking mad shit on Yik Yak.
by oolytoolypey September 05, 2014
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A social media app where you're completely anonymous and can chat with people in your area. Usually it's used by teens for bitching about people at school, spreading gossip, and the occasional stalker talking about how hot so-and-so was that day. Because the app has rules against naming people, you'l often see pitiful attempts to cheat this by listing the persons initials when the shit talking starts.
Guy 1: "Damn, did anybody else see M.F's ass today in the hallway? I got like so hard. Too bad she's dating that faggot T.B"
Guy 2: "Wat"
Guy 3: "Dude, stfu. You're gonna get Yik Yak banned from our campus!"
by Mr. bIG D July 27, 2015
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College students who aimlessly seek out brawls on Yik Yak. These individuals spend countless hours brainstorming sinister yaks targeting peers or current events.
That nerd has Yik Yak warrior written all over himself.
by JohnnyGolfball February 12, 2016
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Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, most commonly known today by the street name ecstasy, (often abbreviated to E, X, or XTC
u rolling...? Yeah maane took 2 yik yak tik taks...now im....SUPA Riiiiiggggght!
by Keovani® October 09, 2007
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