A small bit or a piece of a whole.
Got any C#, Java, C++, or Python code snippets? I need some ideas to add to my program.
by beefc August 20, 2011
it means like the trailer of the music album or the mixtape
imma release my mixtape soon, this is the snippet
by DoubleKill July 27, 2009
A small portion of the whole. High Tech Red Necks often speak in snippets.
bubba: 'cha doon?
htrn: naa...!
by daDebil February 29, 2004
"It's just a storeroom where we keep the snippets."
by damn69 June 20, 2021
a word that describes anything.
"dawg you are so snippet"
by dhfudhgufg May 19, 2007
The known effect of a snippet of a unreleased song sounding much better then the official version. This is typically due to the low quality audio that comes with Snippets, and people brains subconsciously fill in the gaps to make it sound much better.
Johnny was experiencing major snippet syndrome when he first heard the official version of Kobe Rollie for the first time
by JamN689 February 27, 2021
a mixtape featuring only snippets of a wide selection of songs that the artist has been working on; getting the songs to the audience so the people can decide what songs the artist should focus on
Hey Uncle Ray just dropped his snippet tape on SoundCloud let check it out and let him know what whole songs we want to hear.
by R3M December 27, 2018