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a Word of no prior origin, that you make up on the spot
Shut up don't tell him I stole that, that, that.... schwimgazzle. (Schwimgazzle being the snigglet in this case)
by Adam Sarosy May 29, 2008
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a small portion, as in food.

Just a bite.

Pronounced - Shnigglit
Can I have some?


Aww man, I just want a snigglet
by Jorge Gonzales July 18, 2005
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A snigglet is a combination of sand nigger and pigglet. Snigglet is thus used to describe an Arab with pig-like traits.
Put down that gun you snigglet!
by Lavernius May 25, 2006
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i.Words followed by one another, where the first letters are switched.
ii.When you name something and it is completely the wrong name for the object.
(A true sniggleter has no control of their speech and often need others around them to point out there err.)
i.I have west vile nirus....
ii.Look timmy is in the fridge(as I point at a tree)!
by royalmurdock August 13, 2005
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