Verb, participle. When you order a beer, fully expecting to get a pint, but instead receive a snifter. It is characteristically followed by extreme depression and anguish.
Always ask if the beer you are ordering get served in a pint glass, or you might get snifted.
by JahRasta420 July 10, 2018
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Using your nose to drink liquid.

Often done by asinine college boys due to betting and natural selection
Bro 1 : Bruhh I bet you can't snift this Dr Pepper

Bro 2: I bet a hundred on it
by YoursTruelyYours July 22, 2018
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(v) to sneakily screw up the plans or designs of others through devious action
My training request was deleted; it got snifted at the last moment.
by Facility Engineer December 6, 2022
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