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The contagious disease that occurs when one member of a couple has a cold and passes it onto the other member.
"David I hate you for kissing me! I have exams this week and you gave me sniffilus!!!!
by IkeFall2k9 February 09, 2011
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a cold/flu with lots of sniffles given to you by someone you were kissing. The cutest lil tranferred illness!
Aw damn, my boyfriend had a cold and he gave me sniffilus.
by snifflemonster August 23, 2011
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a sexual deviant, with no visible skin and large talons due to the testoseronal hair growth...he will kill you. Often appears as a gigolo by day but as an STD spreading jackal by night. He prefers orgies, so whenever in the case of one-on-one coitus, he will let out a mating call while pleasuring his partner in multiple places, therefor summoning any living creature in an 8 block radius to flock through the door of the room thrusting as they come. Beware sexual victims, Sniffilus will tend to pee on those he choses to have his way with. Cannot even be killed by thy holy hand grenade. But despite all of these cautionary advisories, if you love him, he will love you...and then give you clamidia in your face.
If you do not pray to Sniffilus before you go to bed, he will find a way into your home and rape you, your family, and all your friends and acquaintances that very same night.
by The Nomonian February 05, 2010
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