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Being lame, bumping in on conversations when you don't even know, being backwards, trying to be cool when you don't know what you are doing or talking about.
We were standing there talking and you came up on us trying to be cool and put your arm around my shoulder and made me drop my cookie in the dirt and pretended to know what we were talking about; stop being snibby!
by Johnny Umuzungu June 04, 2018
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A vagina. Used to describe the vagina to little girls as they are being potty trained. Used along side 'dickie-bird', or a penis.
Girls have a snibby while boys have a dickie-bird.

Get your fingers out of your snibby.
by Bar 9 - Midnight January 07, 2011
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short tempered, snappy, not happy, cranky, feeling irate, not wanting to listen
John was getting snibby with all her dumb questions. Dont get snibby with me? Leave me alone, I feel snibby.
by Justconfirming January 10, 2012
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