The act of stopping for a snack on an outing that inadvertently leads to sex.
Joanne and Gareth climb a mountain and stop at the top for a snack, however the snack leads to sex.... they had snex at the mountain top. (This might have happened)
by Gmount April 11, 2021
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- I am so tired!
- Why?
- Had snex with Smith last night and it got late.
by Azurut May 3, 2017
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A man addicted to penis. In their later years they become referred to as a 'Namdlo'. Though the addiction can be overcome through detox and rehabilitation, this is very rare. Often a snex accepts the addiction as part of a lifestyle decision. Snex can also be used as a plural.
Yo mang, check out those snex over there!

Snex uses harden.
by Bee Fourchan November 18, 2007
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All the sex you have while you are snow bound and can't go out.
Wanna have snex again? Nothing else to do since we're snowed in again!
by NatX February 28, 2010
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1.Phone is on Vibration.
2.Text Someone.
3.Place Phone On Penis/Vag/( Maby ass? ).
4.Wait For there text.

The Act where u Sneak Ur Cellular Device On Your Genitals and wait for the Vibration. To get off Unknowingly from ur Victim.
Nick - Yo dude I was tottaly Snexing With Jessica last night, for like a hour!

Kris - Wow Bro. Your the man. *Manly Chest bump*

Nick - Yeah im so glad She Replies Back so fast.

Kris- Word.
by Metal Mayhem October 15, 2009
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"damn dude yesterday me and mary jo were having some delicious snex in the back of my truck"
"shit son what were you eating?"
"nothing but the best, a bag of chex mix."
by n8dagreat157 August 15, 2008
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The act of intercourse while one or more parties is adorned in a Snuggie.
(541): It was really cold last night, so we had some pretty amazing snex on the couch.
by rockinwaffles November 18, 2009
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