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Snow that closely resembles sleet.
Wear a hat, the sneet will wreck your hair.
by milkbonebrand November 11, 2003
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Term used in the 1950's-1980's to describe cum, spooch or sperm
He was so turned on that he blew his sneet.
by Maui Jay February 15, 2007
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1. A synonym for shit
2. A endearing term for a very close friend
3. An exclamation
"Oh sneet-"

"Holy sneet I love you"
"Sneet fam"
by That_one_emo_person February 10, 2018
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A type of icy precipitation, sleet-like snow.
A synonym for graupel.
During winter weather sneet is most commonly found near the leeward side of mountains.
by abyssoft October 07, 2016
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(1)a person who is very particular about the things they are interested in.(2)one who is attentive to detail and quality(3)verb:"sneetish" to be that which is particlar in any given topic or field of knowledge.
Man, she is so snetish! where did she get those shoes?

Those sneets are very determined at findind a viable solution to the depletion of natural energy sources

He is very sneetish, I do not think he will be attracted to her!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
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