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When you sneak up behind an unsuspecting female (or male), smash the bottle of vodka you have in hand, and then take them roughly from behind.
I was at this party and i gave a Sneaky Russian to a drunk chick. I took her most roughly.
by the surprised parties January 28, 2009
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when you fuck a girl until she dies then you cover her in vodka and chocolate syrup then light her on fire and throw her off a cliff into a playground
"yo i saw Cathy this weekend, and i gave her a sneaky russian"
by juss_peachie May 07, 2007
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When you watch an American action film and the bad guy is always a Russian, a Sneaky Russian.
"Oh no, it's Vladimir Rusev!"
"He's one of those Sneaky Russians"
by Lord Dangleballs August 21, 2016
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