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An impromptu solo dance primarily performed in Panamanian strip clubs whereby the performer fully extends one arm to the side, keeping it perpendicular to their body with palm facing downward, fingers together and outstretched, and wrist bent slightly upward. The dancer frenetically gallops while sidestepping in the direction of the guiding arm, occasionally pausing to squat in sync to the music while switching arms in a blade-like, slicing motion. Leaning forward with one palm to the floor and gyrating the buttocks high in the air gives additional flare. Success is determined by a positive reaction from female dancers, negative reaction from male patrons, and maintaining this fine balance without being ejected from the establishment. Free drinks and lap-dances are also considered signs of approval.
"Dude, did you see Nick? He's been Snarping for 5 hours straight!"
by Jophery Bogglesworth January 08, 2012
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