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Very bad slurring of words, sometimes even creating new words that make perfect sense to you but not to anyone else. This phenomenon is cause by drinking vast quantities of alcohol. Rum produces the best snarggling
"Did I call you and snargle last night?"
"Yeah, you were really drunk, I had no idea what you were saying"

"Wow Becky, you were wasted last night, you were snarggling really badly"
"oh god, not again"

by Snarggler October 07, 2008
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To lessen the visual impact of a horror movie by filtering it through one's fingers.
While watching Paranormal Activity, I snargled so that I would be protected from the movie's evil!
by MST3K=<3 January 20, 2010
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(v.) The act of waking a person, or animal, into unfavorable conditions.

(adv.) Woken in a unwelcoming manner.
"Oh hey, Dan really snargled me this morning."

"Dude, you snargled the hell out of me!"

"I got toally snargled."

"I snargled the horses."
by Gary McGuys October 28, 2009
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When a dog cuddles up to you, rubs its snout on your leg and makes silly snorting noises.
My dog Maggie is so cute! Look at her snargle !
by Alex511 September 25, 2008
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A term used to describe when someone steals something in a sneaky way, however one proclaims the word, "SNARGLES!" when they take said item. The word "snargles" must be proclaimed loudly.
"Hey who's $20 is that?"
"I don't know... but SNARGLES"
by Chairman_Hartmann September 22, 2008
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